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The focus of ILO is to assist people with a disability to explore alternative personalised living options to have more choice and control.

Some of the options could include but not limited to:

1. Living alone with a combination of circle of supports and paid supports.

2. Living with a friend or a house mate sharing the costs of living and share common interests.

3. Co- residents - this can be where a support person lives with with subsidised rent in to return for some supports

4. Living together, sharing supports and informal supports with another person(s) with a disability.

  • Your Home

    We help you to explore "what a home means to you" and our ILO facilitators can support you to explore range of housing and accommodation options.

    Our partnerships with local housing specialists help you to find the right home for you.

  • exploration & Support

    We assist you as part of design and exploration process to establish a circle of supports and also tailor a range of flexible support options, providing you with more choice and control.

    Our support facilitators are creative and can support you to think outside the square to find the right home and living supports.

Individual Living Arrangements (ILA)

What is ILA ?

Some individuals prefer not to share with others and or may need individualised supports in a different arrangement outside of Individualised Living Options. An Individual Living Arrangement is generally when you would have direct one to one supports in your own home.

With an individualised living arrangement in some situations you may choose to live on your own or with others with flexible individualised supports to meet your needs.

We can support you to explore a range of Individualised living arrangements to meet your needs. Contact us now for a meet and greet session to discuss your individual support needs.

Our Achievements & Goals for 2022- 2023

Below is a summary of how many people we have assisted in 2023/ 2024  to explore alternate home and living options and achieve more independence, choice and control .
We support plan managed and self managed NDIS participants to achieve more flexible home and living options

2 person shared living


Individual living arrangements


Our Goal for 2024



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